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Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Fragrance

May 17, 2010

This is my favourite warm and cozy scent, it makes me think of fluffy sweaters on a snowy night.

I bought this on my last trip to West Edmonton Mall, as there is only one Bath and Body Works that is even remotely in my area, and it’s not somewhere I normally go. But since it was at the mall, and I’m the sort of person who can spend hours just smelling everything at a place like The Body Shop, you can imagine what this was like for me! Definitely wasn’t impresssed with the crazy amount of antibacterial crap though. It’s handy for travel, flying etc, but we don’t need it all of the time. There’s no harm in getting sick sometimes, it’s good for our immune systems. I avoid antibacterial products at all cost, unless I’m on ship. Then I’ll use antibacterial hand soap, and no more. *end rant*

Anyway, back to the perfume! According to Bath and Body Works, Twilight Woods has base notes of oud wood, skin musk captive, vanilla milk and warm woods. Mid notes are creamy frangipani, soft mimosa, wet honeysuckle, wild freesia, apricot nectar. Top notes of juicy berry, sparkling mandarin, a hint of coconut. It’s housed in a flat rectangular bottle with a purple/maroon/brown gradient, which has a clear, leafless tree silouette. It looks much nicer then it sounds! Has a tall, silver cap to protect the sprayer.

Firstly, lookwise, this bottle is weak for me. I love the colours and the tree silouette, but the square bottle and cap seem cheap, and kind of out of place for a warm, more sensual fragrance like this. It just seems like someone spent a lot of time thinking about the colours and design, but then got a budget cut on the bottle. It seems like a bit of a cop out to me. And I would have expected gold-tone fittings, not silver. I love the picture and colours, but putting something that smells this nice into a square, uncreative bottle like this is a bit of a shame.

Despite the unappealing bottle, I do like the way it smells. I wouldn’t say that I can smell all of the notes that are described on the website, but I’m no trained nose either. I just know what I like. I definitely get the musk and vanilla base notes, I think they’re very big components of the fragrance. There are some warm fruit notes that I also smell, like the apricot and coconut, but to me it is overwhelmingly vanilla and musk, with a side note I’d almost described as warm cotton towels fresh out of the dryer. Hence my emphasis on warm and cozy. It’s a very warm, welcoming scent that makes me think of all things cozy, comfortable and content. I enjoy this perfume very much, it’s a nice wintertime scent, and perfect for cold weather, cuddling on the couch or going for a stroll.

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