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MAC’s Pret-a-Papier Pictures

May 5, 2010

Because I said that I would, here they are. Please note that my camera and lighting are craptastic, but I am trying my best to take good photos. Don’t judge me and my poor point-and-shoot Canon. I dream of DSLRs at night now. Help… me….  The colours are as true as I can make them, but they do lack natural light, as this was taken at night.

Gazette Grey, Memorabilia, Cut To Fit and Tissueweight Eyeshadows

Tissueweight eyeshadow, the slightly pinker sister to Naked Lunch.  By itself, I don’t see a major difference, but if you layer it on top of Coral Crepe Paint Pot, Naked Lunch looks yellower then Tissueweight.  Frost finish.

Gazette Grey, showing a bit of it’s grey-green side.  The golden sparkles are visible in the picture.  It’s a very soft colour, and the hand swatch below had to be swiped about three times.  Finish is matte, with fine golden sparkles.

Memorabilia swatches almost exactly the same colour as you see in pot.  It’s a dusty, indigo based purple with a matte finish.

Cut to Fit, with it’s red coppery colour is a more agressive colour, and only needed to be swiped once to give a nice strong colour.  Nice frosty finish, and bold colour.

Originality nail lacquer in bottle, and on my thumbnail with two coats.  It’s pretty long lasting, and the colour you see in the bottle is pretty true to what you’ll get on your nails. As a side note, a MAC MUA complimented me on the colour, before realising that it was one of their own.  I love this colour, it’d be perfect for toes on a sunny day at the beach.

Coral Crepe paint pot.  Obviously a slightly orange based coral cream with a satin finish.  Sticks really well where you put it, and was a pain in the ass to get off my hand after I swatched it, since I wasn’t near a sink.  This one is in high demand, and I’ve been to stores where it was sold out.

Chromagraphic pencil in NC15/NW20.  A creamy pencil with a colour between NC15 and NW20.  Fairly opaque, soft but not too soft and suitable for use around the eyes and face (but not on the lips).  I like this for an on the spot concealer, and also for lining the lower waterline, which brightens up and opens up the eye.

Swatches of eyeshadow and chromagraphic pencil.

From left to right

Tissueweight e/s, Cut to Fit e/s, Memorabilia e/s, Gazette Grey e/s, Chromagraphic pencil NC15/NW20.

Coral Crepe paint pot swatch.  For all swatch references, my skin is NC15.

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