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Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation

May 10, 2010

Since I’ve been using this for a good month or so, I think I can state my opinions on it.


Here you can see the darker 20 alongside the lighter 15 for shade differences comparison.

I was originally matched by a SA at Sephora as a 20, and while I loved the way I looked, I always felt it was a tad too dark and yellow for my skin tone. So I picked up the lighter, pink based 15 and test drove that one as well. It made me look quite pale, almost too pale. Instead of breaking down into a pile of tears and snot, I acted like a sensible adult for once. And I mixed. I’ve been doing this ever since.

I quite like the results I’m getting, even though the mixture of the two is never exactly the same. It makes a colour that is pretty well perfect for me. I mix one portion of each foundation, about a pea sized blob of each, and blend them together with a bobby pin on the top of my hand. I can then apply to my face with a foundation brush, and buff to perfection with a kabuki brush. I like to lightly dust it with a powder to finish it, either with MUFE’s HF Microfinish Powder, or MAC’s Mineral Skin Foundation Natural. Lately, it’s been the later.

This foundation has medium to full coverage, but isn’t too mask like. I haven’t noticed it as bothering my skin, though it can be drying when I occasionally commit the cardinal sin and go to bed with make up on. It doesn’t make your face powder matte, but instead more a natural matte that doesn’t look deathly or unhealthy. Your face isn’t going to look like a powderpuff. It cleans off nicely, though it does stain white clothes (I learned this the hard way). It’s packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with a twist on top and nozzle. It’s stout, breakage resistant and while it isn’t exactly something you’d use to bling up your sink, it’s a hygienic, friendly and efficient sort of packaging. The only way it could be better would be to have a good pump, as I find I’m better able to avoid wasting excess make up that way.

I don’t notice any particular smell to this, though truth be told I’m not fragrance sensitive and I don’t make a habit of smelling my foundations. Retailing at $39 CAD for 1.01 oz, it’s not the cheapest, but you don’t need to use tonnes of it either.

To remark on Mat Velvet +’s sister HD Invisible Cover Foundation, I honestly don’t mind it that much, it just isn’t anything amazing for me. I do own some, and use it on occasion when I’m feeling bored with my foundation. The coverage isn’t as good as Mat Velvet, but for those of you with less flaws to conceal, I’d imagine it’d be just fine for you.

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