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My First 10 K

May 10, 2010

‘ello!. Yesterday was the first time I ran 10 km! I ran in the Vancouver Sun Run on May 9th, and since it was Mothers Day, I ran with my mom!

There where some 51 000 runners, walkers, and strollers in the run. It was over all a nice day, but about half way through I got cut off by someone rocketing past me. Trying to avoid a collision, I had to get away, and subsequently went partially onto the curb, twisting my ankle. I had to walk a good rest of the run, though I did pull together to jog across the finish line. It was a good run, but there where a few examples of bad race etiquette, which is why I don’t normally enjoy these really crowded events. This goes from the high school runners who where zipping around (like the one who caused me to swerve), to the stroller joggers who bellowed ‘STROLLER COMING THROUGH!’ when they where directly behind me. Nothing like having someone scream loudly enough to make you jump out of your skin while you’re in your zone, and just doing your own thing.

Make up wise, I didn’t wear anything besides brow powder. If I don’t wear brow powder, my brows don’t show up at all (thanks, blonde hair!). I use Anastasia Brow-express in Brunette, which features a set of brow stencils for the shape challenged like myself, an angled brush, golden cream highlighter and brow wax. I love this kit, though when I repurchase (which I will), I’m just going to be getting the brow powder. I’m not overly in love with the wax or highlighter, I just find that I’ve got shadows or creams that do the job of highlighter just as well, and the wax, well, my brows just don’t seem to really need it. The powders and the brush, those are really worth it though.

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