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Weekend Haul (pictures coming soon!)

May 3, 2010
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I had a pretty busy weekend, though I didn’t even scratch the surface of the pile of stuff I need to get done. Even as I’m writing now, I should be writing an icky report on controllers, their settings and such. Yuck. Not what I’m looking for in a weekend, if you know what I mean. Feeling kinda burnt out. But make up always helps me feel better, so you know what I did this weekend!

I donated some hard earned dollars to both NARS and MAC, as well as picked up an awesome pair of grey converse shoes from Town Shoes, and a pretty purple and blue plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters. Now if they only had an Anthropologie here in Vancouver, my bank account would die! Beans and weiners for months for me!


Anywhoo, onto the beauty goods!

NARS Lipstick in Napoli

I picked up NARS lipstick in Napoli, which I am constantly becoming more and more enamoured with. It’s not the most remarkable looking colour, it is just a slightly burnt looking coral. According to it’s a ‘pinkish beige’. Nice description there, NARS! Though I do have to admit the colour swatches aren’t too bad for a website. My Napoli is a tad bit more orange then the website swatch. It’s a sheer lipstick, and feels quite creamy on my lips. I’ve been wearing it for two days now almost continuously, and my lips don’t feel as if they’ve become any drier. They aren’t any bit more moisturized, but not drier either. I find it does pretty well, but like almost anything you apply to your lips, does gradually fade away with drinking. No biggie though, it’s a pleasure to reapply, and keeps lips feeling comfortable throughout the day. It’s housed in the typical NARS style packaging, black plastic with a velvety finish with a white brand name splayed over the removable lid. I don’t find the lid snaps in place, so it’s not entirely secure, but it’s not too loose to leave the house with it in purse. My only true gripe with this lipstick is the price. $30CAD with tax added on top of that. It’s a tad expensive for my taste. With a price like that, I’m scared at the thought of experimenting with colours. Finding a dud at this price point would hurt. Still, I’m very happy with my purchase, and would definitely buy another once this one gets used up (it’s going to happen, I can feel it!)


-great colour
-creamy application

-lid doesn’t snap shut

More from MAC’s Pret-a-Papier collection (pictures now up!)

Shamefully, I couldn’t resist the siren song of more products from this collection, and I gave in, citing my rising stress levels as an excuse for spending money.

So far, I’ve accumulated
-Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20
-Nail Lacquer in Originality
-Gazette Grey Eyeshadow
-Cut to Fit Eyeshadow *new*
-Tissueweight Eyeshadow *new*
-Memorabilia Eyeshadow *new*
-Coral Crepe Paint Pot *new*

I originally was trying to avoid picking up more eyeshadows, and was going to restrain myself with one more shadow (Cut to Fit) and the paint pot. But, alas, ’twas no use.

Cut to Fit eyeshadow is a lovely red copper shadow with a frosted finish. MAC describes this one as ‘Frosted red bronze’, which I feel is relatively accurate. This one is well pigmented, and it doesn’t take much to go overboard with it. Show it some respect, and remember that less can be more. You can always add more later.

Tissueweight eyeshadow is the paternal twin to Naked Lunch, being that they are very similar. Tissueweight is more pink, or at least that’s how I see it, but that’s a matter of opinion, I suppose. MAC describes it as a frosted pale peach. Anyway, it’s a nice frosted light colour which plays nicely as a daytime shadow over the lid, a highlighter or blended with others. It’s not amazingly remarkable, just does what you’d expect it to. No walking on water here.

Memorabilia eyeshadow is a dusty purple shadow with a matte finish. It isn’t super pigmented, so it’s not as intimidating as you might think it would be. Adds a subtle darkness to your eyes which is well suited to strutting it’s stuff during the day. MAC describes it as a dirty purple. I don’t think this colour could hold it’s own for night time looks, unless you feel like really packing it on. It almost looks grey rather then a strong purple, and might need some help if you’re looking for a nice purple. Since I adore grey based and grey shades, this is perfect for me.

Coral Crepe Paint Pot is a creamy shadow which you’d expect from MAC’s paint pot collection. MAC describes it as a soft coral with a satin finish, and I’d pretty much agree with that description. The pink and orange are pretty well balanced with each other, but I might venture to say it’s a tad bit more orange then pink. You can perk this up with Cut to Fit, or tone it down with Tissueweight, or one of it’s sister shades. Very versatile, and I’m finding it’s giving me good wear so far. A little goes a long way.

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