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Comin’ Your Way

April 29, 2010

Breaking news!  My camera charger has chosen to show itself, so once I’ve got this icky final exam over with, posts with juicy pictures are going to be coming your way!  Hopefully will be hauling this weekend, as a reward for my own hard work.

What I’m going to be looking at:

  • NARS Napoli Lipstick.  I’ve been using a sample of this, and I’m really liking it for a comfortable everyday colour for me.  Hopefully this can get me wearing lipstick more often…
  • NARS Scarlet Empress Lipstick.  I’m definitely interested in getting into more reds.  I have Russian Red, but I’d love to swatch this and check out the results.  Looks like a lovely colour.
  • MAC Coral Crepe paintpot.  Because my paintpot collection is so limited, and I was impressed with the look when I swatched it last weekend.
  • MAC Memrobilia eyeshadow.  On the fence about this one, but I’m a suck for purples
  • MAC  Tissueweight eyeshadow.  Need to do a comparative swatch with Naked Lunch, and see if the difference is really that obvious.
  • MAC Cut to Fit eyeshadow.  I’m pretty certain about this.  It’s a spectacular coppery red, what’s not to like?

It’d be some dream if I could buy it all.

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