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Review of Pret-A-Papier Collection

April 25, 2010

Okay, so I’ve picked up a few items from MAC’s Pret-a-Papier collection.  I’ve chosen the chromagraphic pencil in NC15/NW20, nail lacquer in Originality and eyeshadow in Gazette Grey, and I’m very happy so far with my purchases.  I’m considering picking up more of the collection, since the other items I swatched on my trip to MAC where impressive as well.

Firstly, the chromagraphic pencil in NC15/NW20 is a creamy, opaque pencil suitable for fair skin tones.  I find it to be a bit softer then some of MACs other pencils, which makes it great to work with on the waterline, as well as around the eye area with no tugging.  According to the package, it is not suitable for use around the lip area, so it’s out as a lip liner.  I have used it on my lower waterline to brighten and open my eyes, as well as an on-spot concealer which can be gently blended out with a finger.  It would be striking when used along the lash line as a counter eyeliner, when the eye is properly tightlined.  I’m loving this pencil for it’s versatility, especially if the colour suits your skin tone.  For me, it works for some light concealing as well.

The nail lacquer in Originality is a stunning bronzy gold with large, smooth flecks of shimmer mixed in.  The first coat goes on sheer, but with another coat or two, it becomes completely opaque.  I don’t have a lot of experience with MAC nail products, but this one is incredibly beautiful and the formula seems to be good so far.  Application is a bit streaky, but nothing unheard of for a metallic polish.  I picture this as the perfect polish for toes in the heat of summer, for a day at the beach.  It’s also the kind of colour I’d wear regularly if I could.

The eyeshadow in Grey Gazette is a matte grey/green colour with goldish flecks of glitter.  Others have found this eyeshadow to be sheer, but I find it easy to work with, and a nice colour to darken or modify existing shadows.  It’s also gorgeous on it’s own, smoked out along the eyelashes for a more subdued smokey eye.

Other items I’m an admitted fan of from this collection are

  • Coral Crepe Paint Pot
  • Tissueweight eyeshadow
  • Memorabilia eyeshadow
  • Cut to Fit eyeshadow
  • Archetype lipstick

I found the mineralize blush from the collection to be too sparkly and bronzy for my fair skin; I’ve already got a great bronzer and I don’t need another one.  The brown bag nail lacquer looks like melted milk chocolate, but appears to also have a bit of a sheen to it so it’s not as horrible as you may think it would be.  The lipglasses didn’t really have a lot of appeal to me, though I do admire the lipsticks Archetype and Made To Order.  Such a sucker for corals!  Being a person with redness problems, my blush needs are minimal and I prefer neutral blushes over pink ones.   The powder blushes from the collection where pretty, but just not something I think I would wear.

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