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The Danger of Beauty: Manicures and Pedicures

April 23, 2010
Okay, chickies, it’s time to talk manis and pedis.  They’re a wonderful thing to treat yourself to, and I envy anyone who gets them on a regular basis.  Pedicures are especially good, as a podiatrist can tell you, it’s important to take care of your feet and keep them well groomed.  But, at the same time, have you ever stopped and thought about what kind of risks you face by going for your weekly or monthly treat?  Besides having polish poorly applied, that is!

Before you hit the spa, it’s essential you take a look over your hands and feet for any cuts, scrapes or broken skin. Anything like that is a natural route for bacteria to take, and could result in a nasty infection, or at the least, unneeded pain and irritation. If you’re on the mend from any sort of wound in those areas, I’d recommend that you hold off on that trip to the spa until you’re back to your old self again. The fancier the foot bath for your pedicure, the harder it is to completely sanitize, which is why you want healthy feet before you enjoy one. All of those bubbles and jets make foot bath water a potential breeding ground for bacteria, and the complexity of design of the foot bath makes it impossible to completely clean every bit of it. If possible, find an esthetician who will do a pedicure with a simple bowl of warm water, this may seem less luxurious but is also much more sanitary. If it’s not possible, just be mindful of the potential that that water may not be as nice and clean as you’d like it to be, and don’t disregard any unusual bumps or seeming insect bites that appear on your feet. Think of it; you’re effectively putting your feet in the same place many other ladies and gents have, complete with dead skin, toenail clippings and any other bugs they may have had themselves. Athletes foot, fungus, warts, all of that yummy stuff. Yuck!!

Now that your feet are soaking, you’ve got to consider the spa tools that are going to be used on your feet. Consider the nail clippers, cuticle pushers, cuticle nippers, callus shavers, foot files and the list goes on. Just like the foot bath, these can be dirty too, so ask about how they are sanitized. A reputable salon that is worthy of your patronage shouldn’t have a problem explaining how they sanitize everything between clients. I’d especially urge against the use of a callus shaver, as it removes a lot of skin, and can give you some nasty cuts if your esthetician is overzealous. A good quality foot file is much better, it will smooth out the calluses without the danger of getting cut. The best course of action is to buy your own set of spa tools, and bring them with you. A good salon shouldn’t have a problem with using your own tools, and this is much more sanitary. That way, you can give yourself a pedicure whenever you want when you’re at home. Going to the same esthetician is great idea, choose someone you’re comfortable with, who will listen to you and work with what you’re comfortable with.

Here’s a few handy points to summarize with. These are things you’ll want to consider when choosing a salon and esthetician who will make your feet and hands not only beautiful, but also healthy

-Are you free from cuts, broken skin or injuries?
-Ask about sanitization procedures for everything
-Ask if you can bring your own tools
-Ask if you can have a foot bath in a bowl instead
-Steer away from that callus shaver
-Get familiar with your esthetician, and go back if you like them
-Relax, have fun, and choose a fun polish colour!

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    1. May 8, 2010 12:40 AM

      love your blog, great tips and beautifully writen. Thanks

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