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MAC’s Pret-a-Papier

April 22, 2010

MAC’s latest collection is now out and online.  Pret-a-Papier is a warm, nude toned collection, nothing with really stunning colours or anything.  Temptalia has an excellent play by play review of everything, so I think I’m going to leave that to her, and just focus on the three things I want to get from this collection.

I’m hoping to acquire  Gazette Grey eyeshadow, Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20 and Nail Lacquer in Originality.  That’s about all that I can really see myself wanting from this collection, nothing much in comparison to the wallet devastation resulting from Liberty of London.  I’m just such a suck for grey eyeshadows, as I discovered with Bough Grey.  I’ve always loved the quiet sophistication and versatility of the colour grey, so I guess it’s natural that I should extend that love to eyeshadows.  I also find that greys work well with my blue/grey eyes, and they easily do a light smoke out of other colours that might be too bright or monochromatic to wear on their own.

But besides the eyeshadow, which has now made it’s home in the back of my mind, I’m feeling into the Chromagraphic pencil.  I’ve got a white kohl, and use it occasionally, but a peachy flesh colour would be so much better for waking up the eyes.  As MAC doesn’t have a permanent flesh toned liner, I think I’m going to be hitting this one up.  And the Originality just looks like such a lovely shade of polish, and seems to be decent for a MAC lacquer, since MAC isn’t known for their great polishes.  And I can see that as such a great toenail shade for the beach, so sparkly and summery.

What are you thinking of picking up from this collection?  Loves or hates?

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