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MAC’s Art Supplies Collection: Greasepaint Sticks

April 22, 2010

This review has been a bit of time coming, and is going to be a boring, picture free post as I seem to have lost/misplaced/forgotten my camera battery charger somewhere!  Boo!  Dumb me!  Hopefully I can find it this weekend, as these posts are boring without some pictures to spice them up!

Anywhoooo, on with the review of the two greasepaint sticks I picked up from a slightly older collection from MAC, Art Supplies.  I chose Slickblack and Zinc Zone, since I missed out on the greasepaint sticks that showed up at a past collection, which I can’t remember at the moment 😉  I do know I wasn’t home when they came around, and then was sad to learn that I’d missed them.  Ah, such is ship life.  I may be driven to have makeup sent to myself on ship in the future, to keep me in a good mood and satisfy my make up craving.

Anyway, onto the greasepaint sticks.  They’re housed in the standard MAC black clip top tube, and have a lovely sharpener hidden in the back.  You twist the collar to advance the stick out.  It’s a waxy, soft and heavily pigmented product which makes an excellent thick eyeliner, eye shadow or eyeshadow base.

Slickblack is an inky black, semi-shiny and smudgy black which, if given a chance, will set up and stop smudging.  It’s an excellent base for darker shadows, or on it’s own to amp up a fierce black eye.  You just have to be careful to avoid smudging this everywhere, unless you’re into racoon eyes.

Zinc Zone is a grey metallic, semi-shiny and smudgy product which will do a milder smokey eye.  This will work as a base for shadows as well, but plays better with lighter shadows as well as darker ones, which gives it a bit more versatility.  Since I love all things grey, this is a special favourite of mine.  I love using it to smudge out along my lashline.

I’d love to get to play with the other colours as well, but I thought that these two where the absolute essential pair to get.  I’m glad I got what I did.

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