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Love Your Lips with Korres

April 22, 2010

I’m going to review a set from Korres that I bought at Sephora, the Korres Love Your Lipsset for $34.50 USD.

The set includes

  • Lemon Lip Scrub
  • Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Naked Rose 22
  • Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Naked Beige 30
  • Jasmine Lip Butter

This is the first Korres product I’ve purchased, and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve found.  It was a bit expensive, but I was interested in trying some of the products and being able to get them in a set made the idea of purchasing multiple products less intimidating.  All products in the kit are full sized.

The first product I tried was the Lemon Lip Scrub.  I have a nasty scar on my lower lip, where my teeth went through when I tripped when I was young.  As a result, when my lips chap, they get hard, crack and bleed.  A scrub to soften that scar sounded like just what the doctor ordered!  It’s packaged in a brown plastic tube, which could easily be mistaken for lipstick.  The lid actually snaps down, so I feel I could comfortably carry this around with me without it coming open and getting everywhere.  I also love that I don’t have to use my fingers or a brush to apply this, it’s much easier and quicker to apply like lipstick.  Though it’s namesake is lemon, I don’t really taste or smell much of anything from this scrub, and for a lip treatment, that’s what I’d want.  If it smells like anything, it’s the faint waxy smell you’d associate with any other stick lip balm.  Now, onto the texture.  This is honestly the part that I love the most about this product.  It goes on transparent, with a slight sheen, so no one is really going to know you’re using a lip scrub.  It feels moisturizing, and only slightly grainy, but with some pursing and rubbing action, it really makes your lips feel soft and amazing.  You might only need to use this once a week or so.  I noticed immediate results after using it, it just makes wearing lipgloss or lipstick such a pleasure.  By itself, this retails for $19 USD.

Now, onto the glosses.  Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Naked Beige 30 is a soft, pinky-brown gloss with very fine silvery shimmer.  It’s housed in a tube with a brown lid, and a doe-foot applicator.  My nose detects a faint caramel-vanilla scent, almost a root beer smell.  This is great gloss for summer wear, and gives a nice, nudey glossy lip.  It’s not really very sticky at all, and after wearing it intensively for about a week, I can declare that it is pretty moisturizing as well.  I can get about 4 hours of wear out of this.  It’s a very comfortable gloss to wear, has a level of colour which is semi-opaque and moderately shiny.  It’s a great gloss for everyday wear.  By itself, this retails for $17 USD.

Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Naked Rose 22 is a coral pink gloss with very fine silvery shimmer.  It has a brown lid on the tube, and a doe-foot applicator.  I’m getting the same root-beer-esqe smell that I have detected with other cherry oil lipglosses.  It’s a semi-opaque, non-sticky gloss that gives a coral rose pink colour to the lips with moderate shine.  It feels smooth and comfortable on lips, kind of cushioning and leaves lips moisturized.  I get about 4 hours of wear on this one.  This is nice, especially with natural make up to give your face a pop of colour.  By itself, this retails for $17 USD.

Jasmine Lip Butter is the final item in this little package.  It’s packaged in a little white pot with a pale pink screw top lid.  The lip butter inside itself is a beige pink in colour, and goes on pretty transparently.  I’ve never seen any noticeable colour transfer when I’ve applied it.  Smell wise, I don’t think I say it smells like jasmine.  It doesn’t smell at all floral, it smells more like caramel, or something similar.  It feels light, smooth and moisturizing on the lips, but I’m not seeing any particular benefits to this that any other lip balm doesn’t have.  You also need to apply this with your fingers, so germaphobes may not be too keen on this one.  By itself, this retails for $10 USD.

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