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We’re Moving!

May 19, 2010

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Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Fragrance

May 17, 2010

This is my favourite warm and cozy scent, it makes me think of fluffy sweaters on a snowy night.

I bought this on my last trip to West Edmonton Mall, as there is only one Bath and Body Works that is even remotely in my area, and it’s not somewhere I normally go. But since it was at the mall, and I’m the sort of person who can spend hours just smelling everything at a place like The Body Shop, you can imagine what this was like for me! Definitely wasn’t impresssed with the crazy amount of antibacterial crap though. It’s handy for travel, flying etc, but we don’t need it all of the time. There’s no harm in getting sick sometimes, it’s good for our immune systems. I avoid antibacterial products at all cost, unless I’m on ship. Then I’ll use antibacterial hand soap, and no more. *end rant*

Anyway, back to the perfume! According to Bath and Body Works, Twilight Woods has base notes of oud wood, skin musk captive, vanilla milk and warm woods. Mid notes are creamy frangipani, soft mimosa, wet honeysuckle, wild freesia, apricot nectar. Top notes of juicy berry, sparkling mandarin, a hint of coconut. It’s housed in a flat rectangular bottle with a purple/maroon/brown gradient, which has a clear, leafless tree silouette. It looks much nicer then it sounds! Has a tall, silver cap to protect the sprayer.

Firstly, lookwise, this bottle is weak for me. I love the colours and the tree silouette, but the square bottle and cap seem cheap, and kind of out of place for a warm, more sensual fragrance like this. It just seems like someone spent a lot of time thinking about the colours and design, but then got a budget cut on the bottle. It seems like a bit of a cop out to me. And I would have expected gold-tone fittings, not silver. I love the picture and colours, but putting something that smells this nice into a square, uncreative bottle like this is a bit of a shame.

Despite the unappealing bottle, I do like the way it smells. I wouldn’t say that I can smell all of the notes that are described on the website, but I’m no trained nose either. I just know what I like. I definitely get the musk and vanilla base notes, I think they’re very big components of the fragrance. There are some warm fruit notes that I also smell, like the apricot and coconut, but to me it is overwhelmingly vanilla and musk, with a side note I’d almost described as warm cotton towels fresh out of the dryer. Hence my emphasis on warm and cozy. It’s a very warm, welcoming scent that makes me think of all things cozy, comfortable and content. I enjoy this perfume very much, it’s a nice wintertime scent, and perfect for cold weather, cuddling on the couch or going for a stroll.

My Perfume Collection

May 14, 2010

I’m going to write a little series of posts on my current perfume collection. I hope to in the future broaden my fragrance horizons, and this is what I have so far. I’m far from a huge aficionado, but I will try my best to describe in laymen’s terms what I smell and what I like from my collection. I don’t generally read reviews on perfume, unlike make up. I think scent is a very personal thing, and the only person who can decide if it is good or bad, suitable or offensive, is the person who is wearing it. The scents we wear speak volumes about us, and they’re an excellent way to subtly tell people what you’re all about.

My current collection consists of:

-Bath and Body Works’s Twilight Woods
-MAC Cosmetics Asphalt Flower
-The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom
-Armani Code for Women
-YSL Parisienne
-philosophy the fragrance
-Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume
-Saje Namaste natural perfume oil
-Vera Wang Look
-Tocca Cleopatra


Tarina Tarantio Sparklicity Shimmer Dust

May 12, 2010


Because I’m such a wimp for pretty packaging, and like any girl, I have an occasional weakness for sparkly things, I couldn’t help but pick this up. It’s great for adding some subtle sparkle to your hair to make you feel girly, some glitz to your collarbones and chest, or anywhere you want to put it!

It’s packaged in a glass bottle with a frost like finished. The cap is a silver plastic, and has a pink squeezer pump attached to it. It just looks so pretty, it’s perfect for decorating your vanity with it’s vintage glam appeal. It dispenses silvery micro-glitter which pretty much stays where it’s put. Thanks to this, there’s nothing in the bottle besides glitter, so you’re not wasting your money on fillers like alcohol. It is light enough to float in the air, so you can spray your own glitter cloud and step right on in.

Ins and Outs

May 11, 2010

In! God, I’m finding so many things I want to buy here. A few things I’m fancying include this boyshort tankini and gorgeous wrap dress. I’m a sucker for dresses, particularly long ones (guess I’m a bit of a romantic at heart).

-Sparkly things. Totally loving Tarina Tarantino right now. I love my Sparklicity Shimmer Dust (which has a review on the way), and I’m drooling over her large pave crystal heart necklace, preferably in Volcano.

Gala Darling. Most inspirational and loving blog ever. I’m totally jumping for her ‘Radical Self Love’, and I’ve already snatched one of her podcasts to listen to. She’s so positive, inspirational and just reminds you of what you already know. She’s the one who inspired me to get into Tarina Tarantino.

– Getting an invite to a MAC release party. I feel loved. Enough said.

-Passing my Automation and Control midterm. Ah, sweet relief!

-Getting new drivers license card. I’m so glad I’ve finally got it. I always had such an anxiety problem when it came to driving, but I’ve finally overcome it and got my license. It feels great, to be liberated from my fear.


-Overwhelming loads of classwork. I’m tired of never having a weekend or evening to myself. I want to relax, have fun, do needed cleaning and laundry! Is that so much to ask?

-Trespassers in my backyard. Come back again, and I’m going to drive this steel toed boot so far up your ass you’re not going to be able to get it out. Not joking, don’t you dare disturb my personal space without permission.

-Finals. I hate that I seem to have them every two weeks or so, and reports, labs, sketches and describes are all real bummers.

What are your ins and outs? Loves and loathes? Do tell.

MAC’s To the Beach Collection Invite!

May 11, 2010


I’m so ridiculously excited!
I just got my first invitation for a MAC release party.
I feel special.

I’m sure it isn’t anything fancy, and my invitation is just a result of my email address being on their mailing list or something. I’d rather imagine that I was selected. Leave me and my disillusions alone, ‘kay? Regardless, I’m thrilled and looking forward to going. The release party is on May 18th. Now, the big question is: what should I consider picking up? Anyone got any ideas? What are you drooling over from MAC’s To The Beach Collection?

As a side note, this the second day I’ve managed to hit 10 views. I’m so happy about this, I just wish that some of you readers would care to comment. Doesn’t matter if it’s super relevant, just comment, give me your opinion, chat, etc.

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation

May 10, 2010

Since I’ve been using this for a good month or so, I think I can state my opinions on it.


Here you can see the darker 20 alongside the lighter 15 for shade differences comparison.

I was originally matched by a SA at Sephora as a 20, and while I loved the way I looked, I always felt it was a tad too dark and yellow for my skin tone. So I picked up the lighter, pink based 15 and test drove that one as well. It made me look quite pale, almost too pale. Instead of breaking down into a pile of tears and snot, I acted like a sensible adult for once. And I mixed. I’ve been doing this ever since.

I quite like the results I’m getting, even though the mixture of the two is never exactly the same. It makes a colour that is pretty well perfect for me. I mix one portion of each foundation, about a pea sized blob of each, and blend them together with a bobby pin on the top of my hand. I can then apply to my face with a foundation brush, and buff to perfection with a kabuki brush. I like to lightly dust it with a powder to finish it, either with MUFE’s HF Microfinish Powder, or MAC’s Mineral Skin Foundation Natural. Lately, it’s been the later.

This foundation has medium to full coverage, but isn’t too mask like. I haven’t noticed it as bothering my skin, though it can be drying when I occasionally commit the cardinal sin and go to bed with make up on. It doesn’t make your face powder matte, but instead more a natural matte that doesn’t look deathly or unhealthy. Your face isn’t going to look like a powderpuff. It cleans off nicely, though it does stain white clothes (I learned this the hard way). It’s packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with a twist on top and nozzle. It’s stout, breakage resistant and while it isn’t exactly something you’d use to bling up your sink, it’s a hygienic, friendly and efficient sort of packaging. The only way it could be better would be to have a good pump, as I find I’m better able to avoid wasting excess make up that way.

I don’t notice any particular smell to this, though truth be told I’m not fragrance sensitive and I don’t make a habit of smelling my foundations. Retailing at $39 CAD for 1.01 oz, it’s not the cheapest, but you don’t need to use tonnes of it either.

To remark on Mat Velvet +’s sister HD Invisible Cover Foundation, I honestly don’t mind it that much, it just isn’t anything amazing for me. I do own some, and use it on occasion when I’m feeling bored with my foundation. The coverage isn’t as good as Mat Velvet, but for those of you with less flaws to conceal, I’d imagine it’d be just fine for you.